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Everything is designed around us – thus we can redesign everything.

What we do

It’s time for a new world order

Work with us to exploit and leverage the full potential of strategic design innovation management to create much needed change within government, organisations and corporates.


Creating capacity for change inside of organisations


Strategy & Impact of products, services and processes


Joining the Global Change Agenda - SDG


inclusive and equitable quality education is ensured and lifelong learning opportunities for all are promoted


  • Renewing the educational systems for children and adults by making design part of (all) educational programs, including education for sustainable development, critical thinking and education for collaborative rather than competitive advantage

  • Offering our own seminar program at the New Order Design Academy that offers complementary education for meaningful change

  • Raising the awareness of design as a driver of innovation and transformation in Europe

  • Enhancing design’s role as a key discipline to bring ideas to market transforming them into user-friendly products, processes or services by enterprises and public services in the EU

  • Creating awareness for design literacy as a part of transformation literacy in the context of education for sustainable development so that learners become more effective participants in the sustainable development of their communities and organizations


resilient infrastructure is built, inclusive and sustainable industrialization promoted and innovation fostered


  • Supporting the conceptualization and development of sustainable infrastructure

  • Support research and development in design innovation management

  • Creating global, international and national, local collaborations and knowledge exchange

  • Promoting a new understanding of sustainable innovation and of leadership for meaningful change

  • Supporting the way public and private sectors work together

  • Enabling design to become an integral part of innovation policy at the European level


cities and human settlements are made inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable


  • Supporting a transition towards the circular economy

  • Enhancing the collaboration between different actors to develop regional, resilient and sustainable infrastructures and to help implement the SDG’s on a regional level

  • Working with the public sector, cities and communities to create real value for citizen


sustainable production and consumption patterns are ensured


  • Development and promotion of sustainable products and services in order to transition to new lifestyles and practices

  • Piloting the circular economy with our own circular fashion startup Solostücke

  • Working with organizations and society to shift towards more responsible patterns of production by raising social awareness of their practices

  • Encouraging companies to introduce sustainable practices, sustainable innovation

  • Raising awareness for the impact of social practices on people, products and worldviews

Book Svenja as a speaker

Svenja Bickert-Appleby is a consultant, designer, researcher & entrepreneur focused on making positive social and civic change through strategic design and innovation. She practices design as a creative approach to problem-solving and problem-framing that begins with people, applies a systemic lens and arrives at inclusive, meaningful, and sustained transformation.She works with organizations in the private and public sector as well as with Universities and NGO’s.

She works alongside communities and leadership in governments and in private sector organization to imagine better futures for all. She co-creates spaces, structures and processes that promote inclusion, engagement and authenticity, enabling individuals to contribute to a shift towards societal transformation by being able to make conscious decisions.

Book Svenja to talk about (D/E):

  • Leadership – design for meaningful change

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Solostücke – New radical lifestyles – my circular fashion start- up

  • Innovation in the public sector

  • Circular Economy

  • Design-led innovation

  • Design literacy

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