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New Order Design goes Podcast

From March 2020 on we can be found on Spotify with our “Podcast for meaningful change”. What is it about? “Designing means influencing change.” The podcast for change agents! By and with New Order Design founder and your host Svenja Bickert-Appleby. You can expect insights and inspiration on the topic of meaningful change: Svenja would like to explore meaningful change with you in each episode and discuss it with new interview partners.

“What is the important change we want to drive forward? Socially, politically, creatively – individually and all of us together. ” Every month there will be a new episode with a new interview partner – sometimes in English, sometimes in German. What does meaningful change mean to you?

Find out what it means for my guests here: We look forward to your feedback and ideas for interview partners. Feel free to contact us or send us your recommendations with whom we should speak next.

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