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At New Order Design, Design and Design Thinking are understood as the strategy and mindset that equips people to push forward a shift, and to act as a force for change. Design enables innovation and posititive change in the context of users, organisations, complex systems and society as a whole. As an experienced strategic designer, design researcher and entrepeneur, Svenja as the CEO of the NOD studio wants to develop the potentials of design and innovation.

A deliberate design not only includes human demands, but also reflects the implications to surrounding systems such as the society and the environment. It’s her curiosity that constantly takes Svenja into new thematic fields, cooperations, contexts and countries. Her experiences from strategic innovation projects in both the public and private sectors in the UK, Italy and Germany are giving her an international perspective.

Svenja Bickert-Appleby

Dipl.Des MA Design Futures & Metadesign

Svenja Bickert-Appleby is the founder of New Order Design and works as a consultant, designer, researcher & entrepreneur focused on making positive social and civic change through strategic design and innovation. In the last ten years she has worked with organizations in the private and public sector as well as with Universities and NGO’s in the Uk and Germany. Get in touch to speak about how we at New Order Design can help you to create spaces, structures and processes that promote inclusion, engagement and authenticity, enabling citizen, employees and leadership to contribute to a shift towards societal and organizational transformation by being able to make conscious and better decisions.

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A unique innovation eco-system

We inform an integral part of a unique innovation eco-system that enables us to develop and apply the latest design and innovation methods to help transform all public and private sectors towards a sustainable society.

Values that guide our actions.


We believe in the positive power of the human being and his creativity and ability to change – because only with this mindset of change it’s possible to actually work, economize, decide and shape the future in a new manner.


We take a holistic view towards topics – we keep an eye on both the user perspective as well as the sustainability, in the context of society and environment and we support the development of people and organisations that push forward this sustainability.


We believe that change towards a collaborative, sustainable society is not only achievable, but that we can also play our vital part in it. Therefore, we work as an interdisciplinary community and stand for a collaborative, self-determined and daring working method, that lives the diversity of cultures and perspectives.

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