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Hey there - we are New Order Design - for meaningful change

We co-strategize with you design-led innovation and transformation processes - striving for a new order

As a strategic change agency, we consult, create & deliver on change processes instigated by new thinking and delivered by design


We are supporting change through design-led innovation and transformation – which services do we offer?

Our Mission

What do we mean by „New Order“ and how are we helping to create it? Let us tell you our story.

Methods & Mindsets

Which methods and mindsets are reflected in our work? How are those contributing to change?


What we do

0.1 Mission

Work with us to exploit and leverage the full potential of strategic design innovation management to create much needed change within government, organisations and corporates.

A NEW ORDER means for us:

  1. Creating capacity for change inside of organisations
  2. Strategy & impact of products, services and processes
  3. Working towards the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

Let us be specific

0.2 Services



We help you to come up and define your strategy for innovation and transformation processes for your organization in a collaborative way with you. We create, guide and lead on those processes with a design mindset, entrepreneurial spirit and organizational sensibility.


Products & Services

We support you on product and service development and improvement by doing user research, co-creation, guiding innovation teams and processes and bringing in methods from our service design thinking background. We are as comfortable in the public as in the private sector and we always strive for sustainable product development.


Workshops & Coaching

We are happy to support you with stand-alone workshop formats for you concerning: innovation, sustainability, method training (design thinking, service design, circular economy) as well as coaching your innovation teams on demand. We offer learning journeys; day-long innovation trips in order to explore a certain topic.


Research & Teaching

We can help you with research and insight creation for specific topics and challenges as well as creating or challenging research designs. We work in partnership with Universities and research institutions and deliver and teach at universities worldwide as well.



Contact us for inputs, lectures, speaking around: meaningful change, leadership, sustainable and social entrepreneurship as well as design innovation management and design research.


Partner & Network

We form an integral part of a unique innovation eco-system that spans agencies, research institutions, universities and other networks around the globe, which allows us to draw in relevant knowledge, resources and research and to deliver on projects on an international scale in English and German.


Let us be specific

0.3 Methods and mindsets

Design Mindset & Methods

At New Order Design, design and design thinking is understood as an approach and mindset that enables people to drive change and act as a force for change.


A conscious design not only includes human needs, but also reflects effects on surrounding systems such as society and the environment.

Transformative Learning Experiences

We support the development of people and organisation that do future forward work through transformative learning experiences.


Our work is driven by research and we highly value qualitative research methods to drive our insights and outcomes and we encourage our clients to work research-driven.


We stand for a methodical and open-ended, collaborative and experimental way of working. We combine creative and strategic ways of thinking.

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate

We strive for the constant improvement of products, services and organisation to be more purpose-driven, people-centred and sustainable.


Who we work for

0.4 Clients

Thank you again for the well-run workshop. The results are really impressive! We are already working on the follow-ups and trying to take the “drive” with us.

— Susanne H.

We are still very excited about the success of the event that we organized together. It was totally worth it! Many thanks again for your great support.

— Andreas W.


Rent our coaching space

0.5 Work at our office

The perfect space for your coaching, meeting or your workshop. Come and work in our office. We have this cute small meeting room available and you are free to book it. We hope that you can generate new great ideas for a new order here with our help or on your own.


Current stuff

0.6 Podcast

New Order Design goes Podcast
From March 2020 on we can be found on Spotify with our “Podcast for meaningful change”.

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